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Why online dating is for everyone?

It is 2018 and if for some reason you have not tried online dating, then now is the time to do it. I do not know exactly what your fear is, perhaps fear for your safety, to acknowledge a disgust that you need help with your love life, or simply the general view of the social stigma surrounding industry.

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Whatever your doubts, we are here to assure you that they are no longer well-founded and that online dating is indeed the best way to expand the number of people you might have a relationship with.

Is online dating safe?

Let us first address the safety issue because I consider it the most relevant. We have all read stories about people who have been tormented by scammers and have lost a lot of money. There are even stories about people who were kidnapped or even worse.

The first thing to realize is that with a few simple and basic precautions you can avoid 99% of these hazards. Many websites; such as EliteDating , provide ID verification services. This means that you can be sure that the person you are talking to is indeed who they say they are.

Other features offered by websites, such as eHarmony, are anonymous telephone services. This means that you can talk to someone and send messages without having to reveal your actual phone number.

All these services are designed for your safety, but there are also some tips for your first meeting with every new date.

Always speak in a public place and tell a friend or family member with whom you have agreed and through which website. Also tell them where you intend to go and when you expect to be back. One last tip, take it easy with drinks. We all feel nervous, but being very tipsy does not make a good impression and does not work in your favor. Moreover, you can make ill-considered decisions.

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Does online dating work?

The short answer is: “There would be no billions of industry if it were not so”

Each of us has on average a personal environment of about 150 people we know. Half of those people will be married or in a relationship and half of them will be too old or too young for us. So then there remains a group of about 30 people who are suitable for dating. If we further reduce this number and exclude those that do not match our personal preferences, you will begin to see how quickly we can deplete the natural group of potential partners.

The success of online dating comes mainly from converting this small number of candidates into a much larger and varied source of people.

>> Here you will find the top dating sites of the Netherlands <
By broadening our horizons, we also increase the number of people we can choose from. With greater choice there is also a greater chance of finding the perfect match. With the advancement in contemporary dating technology, such as EliteDating‘psychological personality tests ‘, most of the hard work has been done for us. By completing a twenty-page questionnaire, the site algorithm – designed by professional relationship psychologists – fits you with people you can statistically have a successful long-term relationship with you. How much better is that than the newspaper ads of the 90s!

Is online dating something to be ashamed of?

I have a beloved theory why online dating has such a social stigma attached to it. It started as a place where only the most technologically skilled people could have access. These people were mostly computer scientists, mostly of the male gender, socially awkward and interested in games, collecting cartoon figures, living at home with their mothers and finding personal hygiene not the most important thing. I am obviously exaggerating, but I want to let you know that those times have changed completely.

You will be pleased to learn that online dating has been tried by 15% of US adults, and 80% of those who have tried it, loved it! This was reported by the Pew research center in 2015. With the continued growth and popularity of dating platforms, such as Tinder, I can imagine that this percentage has grown in recent years.

Online dating is something that is fully accepted by modern society and no longer has a stigma.